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Michael Affinito

Michael Affinito

Registered Administrative

Navigating Financial Futures Alongside Vince Affinito

Greetings! I am a dedicated Registered Administrative Specialist, specializing in fixed insurance products such as life insurance and annuities. Working collaboratively with Vince Affinito, I am committed to ensuring financial security and peace of mind for our clients.

About Vince Affinito: For over four decades, Vince Affinito has been a guiding force in the financial world. His expertise spans a wide spectrum, from assisting Individuals and Professional Practices to partnering with Accounting and Law Firms in comprehensive planning endeavors. Vince's approach revolves around empowering clients to make well-informed decisions about their Life Insurance, Estate Planning, Wealth Management and Retirement Plans. He maintains an unwavering commitment to reviewing and refining client portfolios to align with evolving goals and performance benchmarks.

Our Partnership: As a registered assistant to Vince Affinito, I am deeply immersed in his philosophy of client-centered financial guidance. Together, we leverage our combined knowledge to help individuals and businesses understand their financial options, enabling them to secure their futures effectively.